DanfossCF-MC Master trådløs romregulering, 10 kanaler, 24 V

Art. nr. 300104

Trådløs masterenhet i Danfoss' CF2+ gulvvarmesystem

  • Utgang for 10 stk. 24 V NO- og NC-aktuatorer
  • Kan sammenkobles med flere masterenheter for styring av flere aktuatorer
  • Automatisk bevegelse av ventiler hver 14. dag når det ikke er etterspørsel etter varme

CF-MC er masterenheten i Danfoss' CF2+ trådløse gulvvarmesystem.

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CF-MC is the Master Controller in Danfoss' CF2+ wireless floor heating control system.

2-way wireless communication between CF-MC and other wireless CF2+ system components ensures a high level of transmission security and makes it possible to perform Link test of the signals.

Transmission range is up to 30 m in normal buildings. If transmission is reduced or blocked by building or interior elements, a CF-EA external antenna (accessory) can be used to avoid the obstacles.

CF-MC is connected directly to 230 V power supply, and it provides all actuator outputs with with 24 V.

CF-MC Master Controller includes features like:

  • 2-way wireless transmission at 868.42MHz, for higher transmission security
  • Direct link test option on each system component
  • Wireless assignment of room thermostats and other system components
  • 5 or 10 short-circuit protected outputs with LED indication
  • Outputs for 24V NC or NO actuators
  • Valve motion for all outputs for approx. 12 min. every 14th day with no heat demand
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) principle
  • Input (On/Off) for heating / cooling
  • Input for PT1000 pipe sensor
  • Input (On/Off) for global standby (can also be used for CF-DS dew-point sensor)
  • Relay for pump control with automatic pump motion
  • Relay for boiler control, activated only at heat demand
  • Easy cable fixing at each actuator output for several cable types
  • Automatic self diagnosis of errors 

Larger CF2+ systems can consist of 2 or 3 CF-MC Master Controllers with up to 30 outputs.

Systems with more Master Controllers can be accessed by a single wireless CF-RC Remote Controller, which gives access to even more functionality and features, e.g.

  • Individual settings for each Master Controller output
  • Override and locking of local room temperature settings
  • Setback and period programming
  • System status etc.
  • Forecast
  • Low enrgy optimizer
  • Control of cooling applications

Find more information in data sheet and instruction for CF-RC.


  • 300104

  • CF-MC Master trådløs romregulering, 10 kanaler, 24 V

  • Danfoss

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